Sunday, March 22, 2020

Shelter In Place

It's safe to say that the world is in a pretty sensitive spot right now. We've entered unchartered territory as a nation. I like to think of it as a giant game of monopoly, but with no rules. Sure, go ahead and buy that hotel but you risk losing your life savings and health if you do. Or not. It's up to you.

Many of us are stuck at home, either working (or not), teaching the kids (how do teachers do this everyday?), or suddenly finding ourselves navigating the kitchen for the first time (oi, goodluck with that one). I'm also fairly certain that such a drastic change in life comes with a variety of emotions.

I can't get these kids to concentrate, there are so many distractions.
I don't have a home office, how am I supposed to work at home?
Cooking daily is not something I'm made to do.
How will I pay my bills this month?
When can I see my family again?
I miss putting on real clothes. What is makeup again?

There's a lot, and I mean a lot, of stress and anxiety that has suddenly hit us, and pretty much overnight. I'm no genius or scholar. I'm just a woman with her thoughts that likes to spew them to the world from time to time. And here's what I know:

You're not alone.

No one knows what will happen tomorrow or the next day. We've entered what we might have once considered the "Twilight Zone." Everyday feels like Christmas Day with the lack of traffic and stores open. Yet, no one is allowed to hug or be near each other. No one is familiar with this sort of behavior, and we're all trying to learn what the new normal is supposed to look like.

Sitting here after my most recent baking endeavour my husband walked into the kitchen and grabbed a Dove chocolate and said, "Hey, honey! Think fast!" The chocolate flew across the room and I caught it in mid air. While enjoying my little treat, I realized that Dove hit the nail on the head:

Embrace Optimism

Now, normally I'd sit here and tell you that I'm not an optimist, I'm a realist. But right now, we need more optimism. I like to think things happen for a reason. Maybe this is what we all needed to remember to slow down in life. Stop and smell the roses. We're all stuck at home and we're all stressed about one thing or another. But let's not waste this opportunity.

Clean out that closet you've put off for years.
Sit with your children and make learning a family affair.
Teach your kids the life that school can't. Laundry. Cooking. How to sew a button. Basic life skills.
Garage needs a makeover? Time to tackle that project.
Cook with your significant other. 
Let yourself sleep in. Reset your body and mind.
Go outside and breath that fresh air that your normal day to day life doesn't allow.
When you go the mailbox and see your neighbor, get to know them (6 feet apart) Create those relationships you've never hand a chance to before.
Gym is closed? Use your creativity and find a way to break a sweat with whatever you have at home.

But let's not forget. There's a reason we're required to stay home right now. We need to do our part to flatten this curve. Stay home and do what you can to embrace this time we suddenly have been given. Wash your hands. Eat healthy. Get proper rest. And try to stay calm. We're all in this together.

Social Distancing with the Husband and our drone

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